سفیر گستر دریا - Company in      بندرعباس, ایران - Allbiz
    سفیر گستر دریا - Company in      بندرعباس, ایران - Allbiz
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    سفیر گستر دریا - Company in      بندرعباس, ایران - Allbiz

    سفیر گستر دریا, بندرعباس

    سفیر گستر دریا, بندرعباس
    اضافه کردن به علاقمندي هابه اشتراک گذشتن
    ارسال نامه الکترونيکي
    Сompany address: بندرعباس, ايران
    ایران-هرمزگان -بندرعباس
    درخواست پاسخ تماس

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    درباره شرکت سفیر گستر دریا

    Company: Wide sea, the first private company active in the company's ambassador to discharge and load of iron ore in the country is Is. Ambassador Gstrdrya company with possession of open warehouse in Bandar Abbas) martyr Rajai Jetty Road (and the Rajai special martyr), 200 hectares of land (with a minimum capacity of 300 thousand tons, with an area of ​​60.000 square meters and using All equipment is capable of a variety of minerals in our warehouses to unload and load. SAFIR GOSTAR DARYA SHIPPING AND FORWARDING SERVCES EXPORT AND IMPORT TRANSPORTATION LOADING UNLOADING MINERAl Our major export products in warehouses, loading and unloading will include: Iron ore, iron oxides, clinker, silica, molybdenum, manganese, copper ore, chromite, feldspar, kaolin, phosphates, calcium carbonate , Gypsum, Kvp, bitumen, bitumen and oil drums and scrap iron is. Background load of container and bulk sea Wide Inc. Ambassador , 38400 downloads iron ore and other minerals, container, loading 40.000 ton ship Farvs, Iran Ghafari a Iran Eshraghi, Iran Ghaffari 2, Taleghani Iran, Larissa, and dozens of other ships are. Activities of the Ambassador Wide Sea Discharge and load cargo export, import, transit, Kapvtazhy Warehousing Bulk load Streep and Astafyng Barshmary Shipping Services C a c a g d. The service i. P. Lai K d of d, d days
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